Your Guarantee of SPAM-Free Privacy

we have a childlike faith in the possibility of a spam-free universe and we’re doing our best to make it happen. We won’t rent, sell or barter your email address to third parties. We will also not make your email address available to third parties unless they are serving as a contracted suppression or broadcast vendor on our behalf to send you the email you explicitly requested, and they have strict privacy and security precautions in place. In addition, we will only send you MarketingSherpa emails directly related to the specific newsletters and/or topics you signed up for with us. You won’t get unexpected promotional offers or newsletters you never specifically asked for. Most of our newsletters are weekly. In addition, we may send you very occasional invitations to participate in research questionnaires and to review the resulting (complimentary) data. If you purchase from our store, we will not send you email offers willy nilly, You’ll only get our store newsletter if you specifically asked for it. You’ll only get alerts of new editions if you purchased one of the past editions of a particular title. Here are some more details on how safe your info is with us for those Privacy Policy fans among you:

Your email address

We only collect and hold your email address in order to send you the information and services you have requested. You can unsubscribe at any time for any reason quickly and easily at our online preferences center. If you ever have a problem with your subscription, feel free to contact Customer Service at

MarketingSherpa does not rent email lists (ever), nor will we share your name with “marketing partners” unless you pro-actively check a special box on our site personally requesting that your name be added to a particular partner’s list. These boxes are never pre-checked – you actively have to volunteer to be on any lists!

CAN-SPAM Compliance

You can use our preferences center to add your name to our suppression “Promo Do Not Email” list. This is separate from editorial lists, so you can be signed up for newsletters and also stop all promo blasts regarding our products — even if those announcements come from other publishers.

Your friend’s email address

You may notice throughout this site we offer you the chance to send a friend an article or a note telling them about the site. We will only use your friend’s email address in order to send the message you asked us to send. Then they will never ever hear from us again … unless they voluntarily subscribe to our services!

Viral marketing gone terribly wrong
We recognize that there are some bad (and some just plain stupid) people in this world who may abuse our “send a note to a friend” system to send some email to a person who is NOT a friend and who doesn’t want to get email from us.

Unfortunately this is a built-in danger when you offer people the convenience of forwarding an article to a friend. If someone using our system sends you something you don’t want, we apologize unreservedly.

Special Reports and research invitations

In addition to our regular, mostly-weekly, newsletters we may occasionally send you Special Reports and research-related invitations that you may find valuable. These are *always* editorial in nature – they are not advertisements or purely commercial. They are also not third-party white papers or other third partu content. MarketingSherpa only publishes its own in-house researched content.

Special offer blasts
Again, we will never send you an email blast on behalf of a third party. We also won’t send you a blast promotion for one of our own products, unless:

You specifically and pro-actively signed up for our SherpaStore Specials newsletter.
Or, you purchased a specific product – such as a Buyer’s Guide – from us in the past and now a new edition of that exact product has come out. In that case we’ll let you know it’s come out.
Or, you specifically signed up on one of our sites or survey forms to be notified via email when a new particular product or product type comes out. In that case, your wish is our command.

We really hate sites and ezines that are hard to unsubscribe to. So at MarketingSherpa, we’ve made it stinkingly easy.

Your snail mail address

We do make our snail mail list – compiled from people who enter our regular Free Book Contests and some store buyers – available on the rental market. It’s one of the ways we support this site.

However, we pre-approve every mailing so that only offers that make good sense (such as a marketing magazine) are sent to you. Also the price of sending direct postal mail is high enough that spammers aren’t tempted.